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 In 1991, a mass grave was buried 137 people were executed without trial enemy of the people at the time of Stalin's repression is opened.

 People, I saw Stalin's repression buried there. People of color knowledge kyrgyzskoy national founder Ren Kirugisuso, commissar people first, first - among others.

 It was 100 meters ("grave of his father") "ATA-Beiit" transportation, from excavation to excavation of the body to the cemetery.

Zhu river. Through 260 km of the total length of 1067 km, the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. From that of the 22,000 km ² ² Kyrgyz Republic 67.5 km catchment area. Founded at the confluence of the river, Zhoon-Kara-Kuzhur canal irrigation is derived from the glaciers of Kyrgyzstan's Ala-Ala-TOO too stealth. P below their confluence. Bite the flow through the western basin Ishikukuru, Lake Ishikukuru. At high tide, the sleeves of voting Kutemaldy. Mr. Chu is dumped into the lake. Boom in the gorge of the river, go to the Chui valley numerous tributaries drain the surrounding mountains. In the lower reaches of the desert crossing Muyunkum, lost in the desert sand Betpak-Dara (Kazakhstan).





Round 006: Kyrgyzstansky trekking
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Round trekking activities:
Day 9: The period

You will be transported to the village from Barskoon Jyrgalang early in the morning: the first day. 0.89 km distance. Time :3-4 hours. Our jockey, a meeting with your horse. Along the river valley of the ram lamb and reduced to after dinner while traveling and transfer pass Kyzylmoinok. You have a night in the Valley Archator exceeds 7-8 times it there. The distance is about 10 km. Time: 2-3 hours. Evenings are organized in a tent.
Day 2: After breakfast fun, we started trekking from Archator round before (3649 m) Ashytor path and Kyzyltor. Dinner is organized on the way. Local people, very kind, here, I will respond to the shepherd of hospitality. Test the milk of mares "kymyz" You are to check the validity of the Kyrgyz people. Evenings are organized in a tent.
Day 3: After breakfast trek to the top of the path, you will be surprised to know the mountain and Pobeda Pikov Hana Tengry its spirit. Then I transfer the Valley Uchkungoi.
After breakfast trek to Saryjaz Echkilitash canyon along the river from Uchkungoi: Day 4. Here you will find the beautiful mountain lakes and meadows.
Day 5: After breakfast fun, we started a round of trekking along the river, and then, approaching to pass the (4001 m) Tuz. O / N in front of the path. 25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6. Evenings are organized in a tent.
Day 6: Early morning, we trek in the Tuz Pass, we will start along the river suddenly Engilchek. Evenings are organized in a tent.
Mountain lake you can see the glacier Engilchek Jailoo and (grassland) - After breakfast trek to In: 7th day. Dinner is organized on the way. Your all-round (Edelweiss) is displayed pride of our country, the mountain flowers ares national flower of Switzerland.
Round of trekking, the shepherdess and shepherd of yak here again along the river Dunguromo and Kaiyndy Day 8:. 25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6. Evenings are organized in a tent.
After breakfast in the village of Kunan fun trekking pass: Day 9. In the afternoon come back to Barskoon. To absorb water bath, enjoy a dinner. Night is organized in private homes.

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