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Enylchek south, including the eastern part of the Tengri-Tag and ridges and horses too much too Enylchek Sarydjaz web Kokshaal,.

 There are two peaks over 7000 meters high Khan Tengri and Pobeda peak. The peak of the 5000 6000 meters and 6000 meters, the peak of 80 over 23. There are two peaks more than 5000-6000 m and 6000 m peak 14 Among them - Virgo. Covered an area of ​​more than 70 lines. Pobeda and Tengri - Peak Khan - Tops of the most popular areas. This is one of the toughest areas of the Tianshan Mountains. Is normal summer weather, snow in the morning sun followed by clouds in the afternoon at noon. Sometimes weather worsens, snow days it 2-3. The weather is stable after the fifth set August, lasts until mid-September, in September, much cooler than in August. Area routes average temperature in July is 5 , August 7, of September 3 , linked in the snow, ice and snow. Slopes and summit are covered. Usually, in addition to the technical problems that may occur on the root, snow and ice, awaiting dangerous climbing: weather can go bad days suddenly, you have come to avalanche glaciers in the region crack is a very hard to notice after the road. After you will, in general, many of the snow is snow must be connected in 1-2 days.




Round 001: Kyrgyzstansky trekking
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Round trekking activities:
12 days period:
Operation begins with Boz-Uchuck Village130 km from fart and Barskoon City Karakol - Round: Your first day. The first external trip begins after dinner. Boz-Uchuk top through the woods. You are three times you will be crossing the river on horseback Boz-Uchuk before rising Boz-Uchuk pass (3362 m). Dinner and night parking is in the tent.
Distance :20-25 km.
We will usually start, and shepherd Canyon Turgon will pass through the congestion to make cock-Kyia jailoo natural pasture in the morning: the second day. You present a reasonable Kirghiz nomads. There is parking in yurtas dinner and night.
25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6.
After trekking amplification of river Ottuk Pasukokku-Kyia-Karakyr and Pensions (3822 m) Day 3:. You can see the beautiful scenery of the mountains Tjan-Shanja from the top of the pass. Dinner and night parking is in the tent.
Day 4: Trekking is Ottyk rivers and narrow canyon trip. You will be across the river Maisaz Koiluu jailoo Pass Torpu and (3550 m).
Distance :25-35 km. Time Time :5-6.
Day 5: After breakfast fun, we started a round of trekking through the 3760 m and Kurusai Maisaz pass. We then crossed the Taldysuu. If you are successful, where you can see the Marco Polo • mountain goat and sheep. Dinner and night parking is in the tent.
30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6.
We will begin to follow the road, Taldy • • Sue Chung きち Taldy-Suu Valley that you will be surprised by the beauty of this valley in the morning: the sixth day.
Day 7: a journey on the way to Saryjaz river, you will now reach the Engilchek village, trekking where you'll you will be surprised poplar trees, fur, beautiful landscape of juniper goes through Terecti Gorges then to.
25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6.
Day 08: After breakfast fun to start a round of trekking from Sarytor Eckichat we are to Achator. Dinner is organized on the way. Dinner and night parking is in the tent.
25-35 km: distance. Time Time :5-6.
Day 9: Today you to start moving on foot to pass (3700 m) Ekichat- shepherd yak are met here for a photo session and a yak. Please do not try to catch a yak. Mountain lake surrounded by top as fine jewelry, snow-covered mountain in the ring - Bashkol.
Day 10: After breakfast fun, we will start trekking round down to Pass Kyzylsky Bashkol - (3700 meters). Dinner is organized on the way. Eckichat jailoo (grassland).
25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6.
We started going to the Valley in the morning Terecti: Day 11. Dinner is organized on the way. Dinner and night parking is in the tent.
25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6.
Today, we will start the trek down to the village of Valley Engilchek Terecti a place to meet with you to Barskoon when our car jockey Day 12:. To absorb water bath. Are in the parking house for dinner and night.

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