Issyk Kul Lake

In the middle of the mountain, Issyk Kul Lake is the pearl of Kyrgyzstan. Rent a car and you can see the stunning view of the "warm lake" on your Kyrgyzstan tour. It's never cold. A lot of people say there may be a legend about it. Looking at the question of the past, there was a city before, and tremors were triggered by the obsolete city. The young females were away at this period, and when they returned, they found the misfortune region crying out distinctly and filled the opening. Our company is ready to visit the lake whose water level lies somewhere between the 1856 and 2002 range of around 8.5 meters. Individuals going on tours in Kyrgyzstan will see the lake on Terskey in the Kungey Alatau Mountains to the north and the Alatau Mountains to the south. The fish are all over the lake. Stroll across the ocean and buy the stripped osman, the chebak, and the carp. In Kyrgyzstan, adventurers can use a rental car and feel the flawlessness of the river and the breeze on tours.


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