Getting to know a new country means a new territory, a new culture and history. Today we are happy to present you an interesting review of Kyrgyzstan. Tours in Kyrgyzstan are made by various travel companies, which you should get acquainted with before the start of the tour and get acquainted with the principles of their work.

Our agency in the country has extensive experience in organizing tours, and we treat our work with special responsibility and importance. Our agency can help you and tell you how to organize a trip, how to enter country and how to leave it, as well as the rules and schedule.

Our company treats work with great love, in the organization of tours, as well as with care and hospitality to our tourists. You can rent a car and enjoy the ride. For you, we will be happy to organize various tours around the country according to the levels of complexity, details and attractions that will be explored.

What do our tourists like in tours, of course, four-wheel drive cars. With the help of these cars, tourists can make trips to any point of the country, visit the most remote places and marvel at the most beautiful places. The roads in the mountains are not very good and are of poor quality; tourists can rent a car as a jeep, as the roads are gravel and muddy.

Kyrgyzstan is covered by mountain systems on 93% of the country's territory. Here you can enjoy trekking, diving and horse riding. During the tours, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy communication with nomads, local residents, and learn their culture, traditions and customs. Our car service company offers to rent a car so that tourists can fully enjoy the mountains, nature, and marvel at the hospitality of the local people. In the tour, nights are spent in yurts or guest houses. Usually, if the nights are spent in yurts, they are focused on the traditional atmosphere, but if the tours are held in guest houses, they are focused on convenience. If the tours will be held in yurts, then dinner will be there. During tours, toilets are located on the street and you will rarely find them with showers. Become our clients and you will be able to get a full range of services in tours.

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