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 Was destroyed by the accession of these countries by the Russian Empire in 1863.

 I opened an ancient settlement construction, on the site of the residential and commercial space. I found in the stone ceramic, glass, metal, or bone. Century found in the area of ​​(copper and silver 5000), two of the biggest treasure XI-XII shish kebab Debe settlement of the coin.

Shopokov. Including 28 that are named after the hero in Tashkent, Soviet Union, died in Panfilov heroes to protect a small village near the German invasion of Moscow, in 1941 - a small town on the road Bishkek

Hill Shoro-Bashat. Just 10 km from the town of palm river Uzgen. Shoro-Bashat was built in the year of 4.5 cc. BC. E. Fort was one of the ancient center of Fergana. This city has an area of ​​70 hectares (1400h500 meters), was one of the great cities parganskih. Entrance of Shoro-Bashat, system of a small village fort fortified settlements: North Uzgen Denbulak, Kyzyloktyabrskoe. In the site, the remains of the house of some land had been associated with the end of the second millennium BC, were discovered. Military camp, a religious complex, shelter and fortress: E. Shoro-Bashat was a military and religious center is composed of four independent components.





Round 006: Kyrgyzstansky trekking
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Round trekking activities:
15 days period:
Day 1: After arriving at the Manas airport is transferred at the Bishkek city. Passed to Karasai after breakfast. We spend the day at the village Karasai. On the day we are dedicated to prepare our horses for the trip and to get acquainted with the local village of shepherds. It is expected to submit your dinner 19:00.
Day 2: Trekking with a 25-30 km wide from Karasai KYR round to the lake, we will adjust the camp there. It is expected to submit your dinner 19:00. Evenings are organized in a tent.
Start a round of trekking and various KYR, we walk through the valley of the 25-30 km prior to the opening of the canyon through the Besh Moinok Yshtyk we in the morning: the third day. We will adjust the base camp here.
Day 4: There is a trekking round without having to be free today, through the Canyon Baralbas to Boz JALPAK, prepare the Yshtyk Valley through the canyon and then back to our camp in the Canyon Yshtyk.
Is expected to be submitted in your breakfast at 7:00 in the morning: the fifth day. Walk the 25-30 km возглавление Yshtyk Canyon to visit the shepherd's shelter for meals, and then total the afternoon to our next camp at KYR Tashubare. Dinner is organized on the way. Parking is a tent at night.
Day 6: Trekking is the trek through the Sai 25-30 Taragai Kirokara in our camp along the river and on the mountain pass of the trip Ak Bell from various KYR us.
We will have a rough lake fleeting Bell 25-30 km trek through the valley of the Rocky Top Chiang Mai to the lake in the morning col Jashyl ​​Day 7:. It is expected to submit your dinner 19:00.
Is expected to be submitted in your breakfast at 7 am Day 8:. The 25-30 km walk through the passage (3663 m) Juuku charming mountain pass in the lake. We will adjust the camp in the "Big Stone" by Jung variety Valley Juuku. Evenings are organized in a tent.
Day 9: 25-30 km of the river through Juuku, Kashka Suu Kyi and rivers merge Juuku, today there is a trekking round. Here, spend time with the shepherds in the camp of their yurta.
Your breakfast is scheduled to be submitted at 7am: Day 10. We will be able to enjoy a natural bath of hot sauce, with a downward Juuku Valley 25-30 km trek to the hot springs round Jyluu Suu Kyi for this purpose. Dinner is organized on the way. Evenings are organized in a tent.
Day 11: After breakfast fun, we will start the trek to Jyluu Suu Kyi, 25 ~ 30 to Bashy Valley Chychkan through the Bulak river and sucking Kyzylsky Baresai and devoicing representation of Ozero Issyk-kul • Kulsky on the way we I go kg. Pass the Bell camp cook. It is expected to submit your dinner 19:00.
Trekking on the cock of the Bell Pass, 25-30 km to our next camp to the Valley Tereksky Ak: Our Day 12.
Your breakfast is scheduled to be submitted at 7am: Day 13. Today our trekking round you can use for free without using a loop back to the base camp of our mechanism Mongu glacier, in the State of Alaska Tereku • Grozny during and after the river Ak Tereksky.
Your breakfast is scheduled to be submitted at 7am: Day 14. We will be 25-30 km to the river through the river and trekking round cock Jargylchak きち Bulak Valley Kindik. It is expected to submit your dinner 19:00.
Day 15: In the morning, we will pass through the river sary Chung Jargylchak Bulak and return to where Barskoon hot bath. Night and dinner is organized in a private house.

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