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Kyrgyzstan tribes

Thus, there are new rearrangement of the Moghul tribes - the powerful tribes of the former (duglaty, Kangly, bekchik, etc.) lose their former importance, while some tribal associations, previously played a minor role in the political life of the country come to the fore.
It is from this period include a strengthening of Kyrgyz tribal associations around which to consolidate and become part of the Moghul tribes. Along with the growing influence of domestic active foreign policy actions of the rulers of Kyrgyz tribes. In particular, the sources reflected some aspects of the relationship from the Kyrgyz State of Ak-Orda. In a brief vvedenii_chetvertoy of the sixth volume, "Bahr al-Asrar" Mahmud ibn Wali (XVII c.), Where describes the history of the descendants of Jochi in Dasht-i Kipchak, and, in connection with the events of the attacks on the Kirghiz Ak-Orda.
In these stories, Mahmud ibn Wali said that the Ak-Orda was in the eastern part of Dasht-i Kipchak and Kirghiz in contact with the land.
As is clear from the information nb Mahmud Wali at the end of the beginning of the XIV-XV century. country where the Kyrgyz tribes lived directly adjacent to the eastern borders of Dasht-i Kipchak, and served as a refuge for the Mongol princes who had fled from the persecution of Timur.

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