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At a press conference in the city of Osh, October 15, 2010, the Group lawyer - Kubanych Joroev, Dilbar Dievu~a, Tahir Asanov, Nazuguru Suyunbaeva, Tatiana Tomina, Dinara Turdumatova is to make a declaration of refusal with court proceedings related to the case out of court in June unrest was forced, I do not guarantee the protection to them and their families. According to the case of criminal charges, but the fact of the attack on lawyers and human rights activists have reported that the office of the Attorney General, Kyrgyz media official results of the examples of these crimes is unknown.


And victims of life, including trauma, the refugees and internally displaced persons, private housing, reconstruction in the period after the conflict is usually their loved ones and the following types of objects, and people injured and wounded, companies other types of private property and objects to cover the event of damage or destruction. Of course, the true scope of any damage, it would take many years, and is that we know, the type that is specified in the organization of its kind that is covered under, it is an objective more or less recovery measures look at the report of the International Institute for Statistics.






Round 002: Kyrgyzstansky trekking
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Round trekking activities:
12 days period:
Ak is a trip to Thredbo valley from Barskoon: Day 1. After that, you go through the woods when it comes to beautiful fur below 雪山 Tarylga across the river. Enjoy a representation of their congestion pasture shepherd grazing land where you widely. In the evening dinner, it is expected to submit it. Night has become a tent Valley cock-Bulak.
Day 2: traveling on foot from cock-Bulak, we are, you will pass through (pasture) Kindik jailoo when it comes to crossing the river-Jargylchak . On the lower side the road, we tested the expression of mountain scenery Ozero Issyk-kul • kulskogo and understand the spirit when it comes to passing the gobelin surprisingly rich color. In the evening, spend the night in the tent to the Valley cock-Белла trying to eat.
Breakfast Day 3:. Trekking journey will be able to pass the cock-Белла. Your trekking, go to the Valley Juuku to meet at the new delivery vehicle. We will begin to free travel Kashka-Suu Kyi river after dinner. Dinner is on the road. Forward support vehicles, all food and mechanism will bear this day. In the evening dinner, it is expected to submit it. Is in the tent at night.
Day 4: Start a movement on foot through the Kashka-Suu Valley, to see a real nomadic life of the people of Kyrgyzstan, in the morning you will test. I will be coming back before every valley, crossing the river several times Kashka-Suu. At noon I will have a meal. Is in the tent at night.
Breakfast Day 5:. Trekking make a trip to the Valley Juuku. As is not supported on the mechanism of your yours, you can skip the flat portion. You (the national drink made of mare's milk) are invited to have a "a Kymyz" dinner and meet more than shepherd and that of Kyrgyzstan. Stuffed with tissue paper • The impressive mountain Eto, appears at the top of the 4808 meters. In the evening dinner is scheduled to be submitted. Night has become a tent Chung
wide valley.
Day 6: We will move on foot to pass through the Valley Juuku Juuku as 3633 m. Dinner on the road. You can see the lake in the name of Jashyl ​​two col "Green Lake" names to fit in the middle of it. • We will promote the Arabel Valley pass (3993 m) trek Jetim-Белла. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.
Day 7: After breakfast, we Kara River - starts to move a few steps from the river before Taragai AK-Белла path of (3833 m) in size. Here you will be able to reach a look at Marco Polo sheep and mountain goat • some wild. Then, a trip to the lake Kyrtash. At noon I will have a meal. Is in the tent at night.
Day 8: start moving on foot to Kyrtash lake in the morning, you will be moved to the south side Baralbas, AK-Shyirak Canyon about 25 km along the river from the border of China. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.
Day 9: crossing the river many times, today, to pass through the canyon AK-Shyirak. To visit some of the shepherd, to you, I'll have dinner with them. I'm going to rhino - Barekara in the afternoon. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.
We will begin to move on foot you through the valley of the Kyzyl-Eshme in the morning: Day 10. In the afternoon, you will cross the river Taragai. At noon I will have a meal. You will enjoy the journey through the open pasture and beautiful high mountain valley. Night has become a tent Suek-Suu river.
Day 11: Travel by foot from Suek-Suu, we sary valley you will be crossing the river and meadows to the top of the rock. You can see a great representation of the mountain chain of the Chinese border in the distance from here. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.
Day 12: In the morning, the valley sary, go from the top of the rocks along the lake Okurgon-col Alpine pass (4028 m) Suek. After dinner, retreat for you Barskoon to travel, to support the vehicle in the mountains. At noon I will have a meal. Night has become yurta.

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