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 In 2006, the stamp was issued devote Chokmorov. 5000 S.Chokmorova bill was released in the summer of 2009 with the portrait. It was named after the street of the city Bishkek.

Chung-AK-Suu valley (Grigoriev). Length - 35 km. Chung-AK-SUU is one of the best in the region Ishikukuru. Comes from the village of Ala-Kungei Grigorievka. In the middle of the canyon, there is a snow-covered peaks of the two 2: Eshenbulak (4647 meters) and pass Cumulus  Bell (4200 m). From (3507 m) upstream of the lake Zhassyl-kale rivers and lakes  Chong Kemin can be achieved in the vicinity of Almaty path  Lead in the icecap zone, Pass AK-Suu Kyi (4012 m) is (Kazakhstan).





Round 007: Kyrgyzstansky trekking
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Round trekking activities:
8 days period:
You arrive at the airport to meet international, and your guides Manas: Day 1. You will be accompanied by Bishkek city. Then we will have a breakfast. After dinner, it will have a survey of tourist attractions that are included Oak Park, Wing - Square, Philarmonic, Statue Manas, Victory Square too. Dinner is scheduled to be submitted at the hotel at 19:00.
After breakfast pass amplification to Karakol: second day. (Dungan Mosque and the Russian Orthodox Church) investigation of the sights of the day. Dinner and night parking, the hotel is a small Karakol.
Change the bus (uazik) 4WD Russian military vehicles today and go to Karakol: Day 3. You can then assign the south along the valley of the river Karakol. Through the wood of the tree of fur, Raleigh 4 WD army went the airing of the charming mountain road between devoicing Karakol valley of rocks. Крыла-KUL round valley trekking across the wood of the tree of fur - the next stage. We are planning to submit a dinner at 19:00. In the evening, we will spend in tents in the camp
Shirota (2800 m).
We go trekking through the valley under the height gradually in the morning: the fourth day. Today I will forward Alakol lake. Dinner on the lake. It is sitting at a height of 3532 meters above sea level. Because the length of 700 meters and over a few kilometers, I'm good beret of water to the waterfall from glacier melt and turn the other end. Today, we also be performed via (3860 m) Wing cycle path, then, we would fall Keldike canyon. In the evening, you will spend at the (3200 m) tent Keldike canyon.
After breakfast trek to Altyn-Arashan valley Day 05:. Onsen "Altyn Arashan" "is весен gold" Kyrgyzstan is between, it is known for its natural sulfur and health care. Free time in Hot Springs or visit the palm rest. Dinner is organized on the way. In the evening, you will spend in a wooden house (2600 m).
Day 6: Today, I started going to the main road. I meet the vehicle. Mountain road engine to a very attractive town of Karakol. Arrive in Karakol. Car air conditioning switched to a convenient bus. Cholpon • driven Ata. Day I'll relax in a lake. We are planning to submit a dinner at 19:00. In the evening, I will be spending a small hotel.
In the morning transfer to Bishkek Day 7:. Stop looking away from the Burana Tower - (XIII XI) Balasagyn ancient city on the road. Dinner is organized on the way. The day is free. In the evening I will spend at the hotel and a small hotel.
Day 8: will be held at your hotel, your guide will be forwarded to the International Airport Manas then.

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