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 Small but very beautiful lake - Kell - Japan Student Services Organization. It changes color depending on the lighting, the water is blue. On the shore of the lake is a popular summer destination for tourists along the northern Tianshan.

 From the pass, with views of the sea blue of the main peak of the Pearl  AK-Suu Kyi, and regional Ishikukuru lake - the culmination of the (4530 m) Soviet terrain. This area is the main site of the area of ​​the glacier. Glacier (65.6 ² km total area of ​​glaciers 52) is located in the basin most of Chung-AK-Suu. In the largest glacier of the same name, I have an area of ​​8.1 km ², a length of 6.1 km.

 Moraine Lake There are three mountain valley. It is located 6 km lake made in the top half of the valley, in the first part of the valley floor, Zhajloo tube at, and the most beautiful of them, center, from Superior. Alpine meadows and forest zone will start to work together at an altitude 3500 m, 3000 m behind the ending of





Round 004: Kyrgyzstansky trekking
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Round trekking activities:
13 days period:
Day 1: In the morning, the transition to Gulcho engine takes about 3 hours (170 km) by car from Оша. Has passed (2400 m) Chiyrchyck. Enjoy a dinner on the road. Reach Chung Karakol village in the afternoon. become acquainted with the bag and horse седельными package. Enjoy a dinner on the road. Short journey through the path Chagyr. In the evening, try to eat Kyzyl - spend the night in the tent to Arai.
Day 2: After breakfast fun, we Kyzyl - to start a round trip along the river and trekking in the mountains and forests of trees and juniper bushes Arai, fur that has been recently established. I pass before Agachart suddenly. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.
Day 3: Round of your trekking starts from the intersection of the path Agachart (3700 m). After crossing the path expression can be seen in the mountains unexpected rough. I pass the Taldyk valley to reach the Kashka-Suu river. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.
Day 4: After breakfast fun, we started a round of Taldyk Kashka-Suu Kyi and trekking along the valley. Two hours later, is going on, you will be surprised in the representation of your Arai plateau. Pamir Alai mountain peak, of Lenin has been stretched nearly 100 km from east to west. • The width of the Pamir Alai Mountains is about 20 km. Enjoy a dinner on the road. You can clearly see the range of peaks and huge glaciers and Lenin. From farm paradise, to go along the north side Arai, I have been raised to a small lake. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat. Day 5: After breakfast fun, to pass down the valley near Kashka Suu Kyi, the high farm sorrow, we started trekking round a small path. In the evening, spend the night in the tent of Korumduu Chukur trying to eat.
Breakfast Day 6:. Held a sauna and a hammam, in the round of your trek, sary will continue until Korumduu Gol valley to the village the next day. You will test the rural life of the mountain, which is intended first of all in the animal industry. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.
Day 7: Start a movement on foot from the village of Gol, you Kyzyl sary are you in the morning - across the great river (bridge sometimes) Aung San Suu Kyi. Come to farm Tyryk Kyzylsky Arai plateau and through. Enjoy a dinner on the road. In the evening, you will spend with the family farm or in a tent of a shepherd.
Day 08: In the morning we start trekking along and round beret Turuk of Scotland, the trace of the horse in order to get to the name of a mountain lake Tulpar Coll. I have a lake about dinner. Then, in the afternoon, a trip to the Valley of the IST-Sajdu will come back down to (3600 m) base camp of Lenin. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.
Day 9: The trek is performed first trip from base camp of Lenin. Journey to the (3600 m) the first camp. Leave the horse, due to its proximity to the second camp (3700 m), where it begins to lift on foot.
Day 10: Breakfast fun iAfter, when we start a round of trekking and Base Camp of Lenin, sary returns Gol village from the west side of the Alai Mountains. Dinner. Sary in the evening spend the night in the tent village Gol trying to eat.
I come back to Ошу After breakfast Day 11:. Since the night have dinner and spend the night at the hotel.
In the morning flight back to Bishkek: Day 12. Since the night have dinner and spend the night at the hotel.
Chychkan transfer canyon, to pass Wing Bell, arrived in Bishkek last pass Ashuu, and also Karabaruta Suusamyr from Toktogul: Day 13. (6-7 hours per party very prominent in the country). Night, because it has the dinner, spend the night in the hotel

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