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Case of ethnic Uzbeks become maximum volume public act of torture, came from the south of the Kyrgyz Republic, it was Usmanzhana Holmirzaeva Russian citizens. August 07, 2010, in order to be hit where he was told to test tonight to return home complaining about the actions of police officers who have tortured, Dzhalalbadskoy area district 41, Holmirzaev ATS Bazaar-Korgon, in June 2010 I was going to take in order to take part in the ethnic conflict in the south. August 8 Holmirzaeva condition deteriorated, he was admitted to the local hospital. August Holmirzaev died the night of June 9. How to Set the autopsy, cause of death was a fracture of the sternum and the bending strength of the heart and subsequent internal bleeding. At the time of writing this report, the Kyrgyz authorities opened a criminal investigation into the death of William Holmirzaeva. Attorney General such as Kyrgyzstan, two policemen were arrested, tortured, suspected of Russian citizens. I was accused of serious injury, what police officers have been arrested and deliberately inflicted. Abuse victims of bribery, of power, torture and death to blackmail


September 13, 2011, the media reported on the Kyrgyz authorities' plan to establish a national center for the prevention of torture in the next three months. Cruel, Kyrgyz Republic, participated in the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the handling or demeaning punishment or torture and other inhumane in 2008. According to the document, you will provide national organization was an independent country, in order to host the possibilities of prevention and fight against torture. Kyrgyz authorities say. National center of the body plan of the new role of Independent States by the Kyrgyz authorities, which includes representatives from the European Parliament, volunteer organizations, the board of Kyrgyz ombudsman exactly coalition of center.





Round 005: Kyrgyzstansky trekking
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Round trekking activities:
8 days period:
Day 1: Valley-Moinok sary is driving. Distancemakes above 30 km. Time: 20-30 minutes the journey of the horse, Dunguromo (3773 meters), sary valley begins with Moinok along the River known as the path of the sudden passing of this area. Representation from the first pass of a sudden breath clean the unique beauty of the mountains and extensive review. Distance :25-35 km. Time Time :5-6. Is in the tent at night.
Day 2: We will now move on foot to pass Dunguromo. Surprised by expression from a high place, you will have a rest in the shelter of the mountain pastures, you, in order to enjoy a new, fresh air. Dinner. Juuku down to the river. In the evening dinner, it is expected to submit it. Is in the tent at night.
Day 3: In the morning we start to move on foot along the Valley Juuku. Are likely to refer to mountain lake two prominent names of Jashyl-Col in the middle Juuku mountain pass (3633 m), which means "Green Lake" valid to be displayed in the middle of you along the path . At noon I will have a meal. Distance :25-35 km. Time Time :5-6. In the evening dinner, it is expected to submit it. Is in the tent at night.
Day 4: We'll move on foot Kashka Suu Valley. On the way, the real life of the people of Kyrgyzstan, nomadic way appears. You'll be surprised by the simple life of shepherds you. How many times you can enjoy the sound of the splash of water when it comes to crossing the Kashka-Suu river. 25-30 km: distance. Time :5-6 kg. In the evening dinner, it is expected to submit it. Is in the tent at night.
Day 5: We we now move on foot to the beautiful valley Juukuchak can float you will stop in the hot springs. Water, and feel, in the mountains, in the other day, I leave the new and strong rejuvenated. Dinner is on the road. 25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6. In the evening dinner, it is expected to submit it. Is in the tent at night.
Day 6: The trek passes through the Darhan Valley, Aung San Suu Kyi will travel from Jylluu-you have a beautiful view on the lake Ishikuishikukuru. 25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6. In the evening I will spend in the tent.
We will begin to move you on foot in the morning cock-jailoo from Darhan Day 7:. Ishikukuru lake and mountain scenery. 25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6.
Day 8: We will travel to the cock- Chychkan then walk from the AK-terekskoj Kindik and downward to the village to meet the car. Engine Barskoon. 20 km: distance. To absorb water bath. In the evening dinner, it is expected to submit it. Night has become a private house.

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