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Lawyer, Sukhrobjon Ismoilov is a prominent human rights, it is a valuable academic and professional experience. Currently, human rights activist group analysis initiative of representatives of Uzbek civil society expert working group, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, he is leading the regional representatives of the Institute of Central Asia and Alisher Navoi . As one of the founders, "Osh Initiative," in the international search independent crime in the event of June in Kyrgyzstan southern, reports its own independent that caused public outcry to play some examiner in 2010 To promotes an important role in presenting the group. Next, I announced a merger with the Institute "Osh Initiative" Alisher Navoi .


President Otunbayeva, the Kyrgyz Republic:


"It was a phenomenon for the community of the world revolution April, our It is an example of a civilian in the Middle East and North Africa. Kyrgyzstan today. Looking at the world as a country of social revolution" revolution "of power in Kyrgyzstan after the lapse of one year which experienced a serious crisis," "Moscow  News". April 7, 2011


Round 005: Kyrgyzstansky trekking
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Round trekking activities:
Time: 16 days
After breakfast we will get to know, and have to travel some acclimatization and practice, amplification, and the shepherds visit: Day 1. At night we will spend in tents in Koyun Tang.
We we begin to move about 20 km of the lake and the beautiful Col Chatyr Ak Tash Rabat from the path and various Saibare to AK in the morning: the second day. Dinner is organized on the way. Camp Ak Tashubare adjusted. In the evening I will spend in the tent.
Day 3: Then, in the trek, the journey of Ak Tash is vertical to 25-35 km in the river Keltebek Kensuchi cock through Aigyr. The camp was surrounded by the mountains of snow we Kensuchi. Dinner is organized on the way. In the evening I will spend in the tent.
Day 4: to Ken • Sue • Chet Ichke Suu Kyi, today we will start will come closer to crossing the river and then Kashkara Tash. We will adjust the Muzdabas about camping river. We are planning to submit a dinner at 19:00.
Day 5: The journey on foot from Muzdabas, we traveled through Bordu to 35-40 km (3355 m) high mountain lake Kosshukoru. We spend the night in the lake there. We are planning to submit a dinner at 19:00.
Day 6: Trekking is Kosshukoru Ruver travel downward. In the afternoon proceed to Koiluu Suu River and Uzun Bulak. Dinner is organized on the way. At night we will spend in a tent in the river Kainar.
Day 7: After breakfast trekking trekking on the mountain pass on Kundu Suu Kyi of Tuz Ashuu we Koiluu (3400 m), the 35-40 km. Dinner is organized on the way. We Kainar camp along the river.
Day 8: occupy the maximum time to wash, clean, we are, we spend the morning on the banks of the Kainar. Come back to our camp, and I take a trip to freedom, even if you do not prepare for the afternoon in the mountains.
Day 9: Kainar make the trip from the river that we are moving in the 35-40 km Balyktu river, trekking, the river Bashy. Dinner is organized on the way. Dinner and night parking is a tent near the river in Bashy.
Day 10: Start the movement Bashy, forward-Batorsky Lancers on foot to the river, and then, today, we will get over a pass-Batorsky Lancers (3791 m). In the evening I will spend in the tent.
Day 11: Trekking to perform a journey of path-Batorsky cavalry spear us, across the river trekking path forward flask flask cock cock (3993 meters). Dinner is organized on the way. Will spend the night in a tent in the Karakol river.
We went to the river from the river in Jailoo of Karakol in the morning: Day 12. Dinner is organized on the way. In the evening I will spend in a tent in front of the Chakyr Korum path.
Day 13: After breakfast fun, with 35 kilometers of river Chakyr Korum Jurok of Joe Pass (3882 m), we started trekking on the Karasuchi round. We are planning to submit a dinner at 19:00.
We go 30-40 km pass Karasuchi at (4001 m) in the Valley Tuzuk our camp in the morning: Day 14. We are planning to submit a dinner at 19:00.
Day 15: After breakfast, we will be amplified with a round of trekking to the village of Karasai small shepherd in the house with the family there from the Valley we Tuzuk.
Day 16: After breakfast, you will be picked up according to your directory for the airport in accordance with the details of your first time.

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