Kyrgyzstan's cuisine is diverse, owing to the country's multicultural population. Shepherds in the mountains accompanied their herds through mountains and valleys, so their diet consisted primarily of rich meat and bread, with little spice. Imagine that you come to Kyrgyzstan, rent a car and go on a tour where we are happy to treat you with our best traditional dishes. Our company would be glad to invite you to a virtual table filled with Kyrgyz traditional dishes!

First, you are invited to the table and the first course is the famous shorpo soup. Shorpo ranks among the first dishes in Kyrgyz cuisine as one of the most significant. Since shorpo is made with fresh meat, it is usually prepared when livestock is slaughtered. Spices and seasoning are applied to the shorpo after it has been cooked over low heat until all of the useful, extractive substances have been fully transferred to the broth.

Dishes must be eaten accompanied by a fragrant lepeshka. Bread, in reality, has a great deal of significance, and people respect it. The nomadic people prefer to rip it rather than cut it. What's more, the bread should be placed with the upper side up, not upside down. Lepeshka, a round bread baked in a tandoor, and boorsok, or small pieces of bread fried in oil, are the most common types of bread. The above denotes the Kyrgyz people's stability.

Now that you have enjoyed the rich broth and fresh meat, we move on to the next dish. So, you are brought out a large plate, from which a fragrant smell comes out. Beshbarmak is one of Kyrgyzstan's most common dishes. It is often referred to as Kyrgyzstan's national dish. Beshbarmak is traditionally made with horse meat and noodles in an onion broth. Mutton or beef meat is more commonly seen nowadays. Since you should eat this with your hands, the name translates to as "five fingers."

After the excellent taste of beshbarmak, guests are advised to walk around the area and take a look at the nature of Kyrgyzstan while a new dish is being prepared for them. While walking, you can find a table on which kurut is being dried. Milk and its preservatives are the snack in this case. They're shaped like balls and are salty, sometimes sweet or sour, and even spicy. You can find this snack absolutely everywhere in Kyrgyzstan, it is also the most favorite snack of all Kyrgyzstanis. You will easily fin this snack everywhere on your tour!

The next dish that you cannot resist is manty. Manty is a steam-cooked dough filled with beef. This is a dish with Chinese origins from Central Asia. The most popular method in Kyrgyzstan is to stuff finely chopped lamb or beef with onions. Pumpkin or jusai is often added to the meat. For manty, vinegar is used as a seasoning. The dish is widely available throughout Kyrgyzstan.

In order to try the real taste of the next dish, we advise you to rent a car if you need to go to the original place, where the best ashlyam-fu is prepared. Ashlyam-fu is a Dungan cold soup made with a sour-spicy vegetable broth, noodles, and starch. The dish is popular in the Chui and Issyk-Kul regions of the country, but the most delicious version is Ashlyan-fu, which is served with a small fried patty of potatoes in the city of Karakol.

We think that such hearty cuisine is very interesting for you. Kyrgyzstan is also rich in such dishes as kuurdak - which is made with roasted beef or lamb, potatoes, and onions. When the nomadic tribes cooked it on the metal, it was a popular meal. The meal begins to take on a distinct flavor as a result of the stones; plov is a Central Asian dish with a long history. The dish's foundation is rice, carrots, and meat that has been fried and then cooked. Each area has its own special recipe. Additional ingredients such as garlic, raisins, dried apricots, nuts, and so on may be added to the beef, rice, and carrot amounts. However, the plov made from Uzgen rice, which is cooked in Uzgen and Osh, you will have an opportunity to go to these places on your tour by renting a car; samsa is a baked dough with a variety of fillings, primarily meat, that is often puffed. Samsa is a popular street food choice in cities and large villages. Samsa is traditionally baked in a tandoor, a clay oven, but in towns, it is baked in regular ovens and has a triangular shape. Osh tandoor samsa is the most delicious in Kyrgyzstan; chuchuk is a horse-meat sausage from Central Asia. Horse instine is made by stuffing it with horse meat, salt, and spices. Chuchuk may be smoked, boiled, or dried.