Those who want to go on tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to rent a car and learn about the ancient history of the Kyrgyz people. During the tour, you can learn a lot of historical facts and details. The history of Kyrgyzstan is ancient and rich in historical events. It is not enough to read just an article about country for exploring. You can also learn a lot of interesting facts from nomads, local residents and guides.

During the tours, you can learn about the ancient history, where ancient writings or petroglyphs were once depicted on the walls of gorges, which tell the facts about the ancient kochenviks. As the story goes, nomads always moved from pasture to pasture with a Yurt, cattle and the necessary staff. The history of Kyrgyzstan begins with 201 BC and extends for 2000 years, as indicated in written sources.

It's great to rent a car and get to know the ancient history of Kyrgyzstan. You can also take a walk in the mountains, see not only the historical heritage but also the cultural one. You can visit the center of spiritual life of the Kyrgyz people, which is located in Cholpon Ata in Issyk Kul. It tells information about the Bronze Age. Walking through the open-air museum, you will be able to catch a glimpse of drawings of animals like snow leopards, bulls, horses, and so on. You will also see scenes of hunting, everyday life or socializing, as well as dancing.

History as it is known in historical Chronicles begins in 201 BC. And the ancient history stretches from 1000 BC to 300 AD. To learn more about the Kyrgyz people, you can read "Historical notes" of the historian Ban Gu in the chronicles of Han Shu, who also gave several other facts. As is known from sources, the ancient territory of the Kyrgyz was East Turkestan.

The years 1200-1400 are designated as the darkest and most tragic, because at that time there were bloody attacks by the Mongols on the territory. They were able to suppress a developed culture. As soon as you rent a car and go on a tour you can find out that in 1207 Kyrgyzstan was under the rule of Genghis Khan and the Kyrgyz were Yenisei. In the 12th and 15th centuries, there was a strong trend of Islam and people became Muslims because of the strong vibes of Persian, Arab and Turkic traders.

Become a tourist of our country and you will learn that in the 15th century there was a migration of people from southern Siberia. in connection with this, people did not have their own statehood from the 15th century until the 19th century. The tribes sought to create a single state by uniting themselves, but the attempt failed. The tribes improved their independent views and began to think about politics.

The Kyrgyz people really wanted to join the Russian Empire from the 18th century to the 20th century. And they even sent their own ambassadors to tell the Russian leaders about their desire. The North wanted to join the Russian Empire, and all because it suffered from attacks. There were also attacks from the inside between the tribes and the outside. The South categorically refused and did not support this idea. so it was forcibly attached. After that, the Kyrgyz people became sedentary, began to farm and engage in agriculture.

The Bolsheviks attacked the Russian Empire in the early 20th century in 1917. They were for equal rights between people and against the exploitation of the people. After that, the Soviet Union was born. The country began to develop political and cultural life, improve the sphere of education. Statehood was replaced by an Autonomous region. The most tragic thing in history was that people were forbidden to believe in God, or have any religion. All this caused the death of many people.

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and Kyrgyzstan gained independence. People became independent, but the country fell into a decline in economic, political and social terms, there was a decline in living standards, a crisis. After gaining independence, Kyrgyzstan began to have its own flag and anthem. The country joined the UN in 1992 and adopted a Constitution in 1993. The country was still unstable. In Kyrgyzstan, there were conflicts that escalated into revolutions in 2005 and 20110. People were dissatisfied with the government. Today, tours in our country are exciting and calm. You can see many beautiful places and rent a car.


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