Rest surrounded by amazing nature, namely, a tour with cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan will definitely delight you. If guests want to travel and get acquainted with the amazing nature of Kyrgyzstan, they can contact our travel company, we provide the tour of any complexity with a comfortable cars for rent. This Central Asian country is rich in natural resources stretching west, south, east, and north.

And so it is known that the nature of Kyrgyzstan mainly consists of mountains, therefore our country is called the land of majestic mountains. Our country is 90% mountains, 80% of which are Tien Shan Mountains. If you like mountaineering, then Kyrgyzstan will delight you with a considerable number of peaks. Our state has not only a beautiful nature, but also rich in natural resources, including gold. Gold is mined in the Talas region, in the area of ​​the Chatkal, Makmal rivers and the Kumtor mine.

Nature has endowed Kyrgyzstan with lakes and rivers, which you can visit during the tour with rent a car service. On the territory of this small country of Central Asia, there are about 4,000 rivers and almost 2,000 lakes. By the way, you can go rafting in the rivers of Kyrgyzstan.

The richness of the nature of our country is expressed in natural resources, beautiful hills and gorges, and clean waters. Travel around Kyrgyzstan with rent a car service to enjoy the beautiful view of the amazing nature and do not forget to capture the happy moments in your photos.

And also our team recommends visiting its national parks during the tour in order to get to know the nature of Kyrgyzstan well. For example, rent a car and go to the Issyk Kul State Reserve. This reserve was founded in 1948. It is home to such rare species of wild animals as the gentle leopard, Siberian goats, Marcopolo, brown bear. The territory of the park occupies about 1329 hectares, of which 687 hectares are forests.

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There is also the Sary Chelek Biosphere Reserve in the southern part of the country. This park of Kyrgyzstan was founded in 1960 and was created with the aim of protecting forests and landscapes. In addition, there is a great option if you wish to visit the natural park during the tour with cars for rent, and this is the Ala Archa National Park, which is located very near the city of Bishkek. Ala Archa is the most famous and frequently visited park in the country, founded in 1976. There is a rich flora and fauna, as well as clean mountain air under which it will be pleasant to walk.

Chon Kemin National Park where you should also go during the tour. Just rent a car and travel to the south of the Chon Kemin Valley, where this national nature park is located. The area of ​​this amazingly beautiful park covers about 123 hectares, it was created in 1997. Conservation of nature, forests with flora and fauna is the purpose of this park in Kyrgyzstan.