In tours, tourists want to explore the relief of the country. The relief of Kyrgyzstan is distinguished by its beauty and picturesqueness. The country is rich in mountains and borders with other countries. The most interesting fact is that the total length of the country is equal to the size of Nebraska or England and Scotland combined.

Since the state is mountainous, there are many high-altitude gorges, forests, and rivers. The terrain of the country can be seen with car rent from our company which provides excellent tours. The country has a strategic position and borders with China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and China.

In the tours you will meet attractions that are located at an altitude of 1000 meters; this is just the starting point. At high altitudes, you can see beautiful glaciers, but they are not easy to reach and never melt. In Kyrgyzstan there are also steppe and desert. The country has 6.3% that is suitable for agriculture, about 4.4 % cover lakes, and 4.25% are occupied by forests; glaciers cover about 4% of the country.

During the tours, tourists can see the most attractive places of the country, see many interesting sights, and enjoy the green places of Kyrgyzstan. You can rent a car and go on tours. Kyrgyzstan is not afraid of winds because there are many beautiful mountains in Kyrgyzstan that protect cities.

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