Uzgen edifice

Today Uzgen complex is seen as one of great historical significance to have in Kyrgyzstan. Usually we organize a tour for all of the visitants to travel to the complex and be able to wander about its territory with attending the Kara Darya River.

Having the location of a tour in Osh you start your way in 54 km to get to Uzgen complex on rented cars. As the investigation is going on, our company tells of the emergence, the history of the monument. It is said to emerge in 2nd-1st centuries. This period of time is identified as the starting point of commerce by the people coming to Fergana Valley from Kashgar.  

As for extra details of history of Kyrgyzstan, this complex used to be the capital of past Karakhanid state in 9th-12th centuries. But it was long time ago and now we all can travel along glorious mausoleum, being about 45m high. Such a height was in the beginning, then destroyed it started to be 20m high made in burnt bricks.

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