Kyrgyzstan community

Thus, even before the Mongol conquest of the name "Kirghiz" marked a diverse group kimak Kipchak-and part-toguz Oguz tribes who have created a new ethnic community within the Altai and Irtysh.
Therefore, in our view, it seems more promising a thorough study of various aspects of the further history of the new ethnic group formed within the Altai and Irtysh in the IX-X centuries. by mixing alien groups Yenisei Kirghiz local kimak-Kipchak, Oghuz and toguz tribes, as eloquently as the message wide range of sources, it was she who later played a crucial role in the formation of the modern Kyrgyz people in the Tien Shan.
Unfortunately, the history of the Altaic group of Kirghiz poorly documented in written sources. Messages about them in the "Hudud al-alam", "Zayn al-Akhbar" Gardizi, "al-Tabai hayavan" Marvazi, "Tarikh-i Jahan Gushan" Juvaynl, "Collection of Histories," Rashid al-Din, a Chinese chronicle, "Yuan- shi "," Muqaddimah-yi Zafar-nama, "Sharaf al-Din Ali Iezdi," al-Muntahab tavarikh and Muin "Natanz, as well as in some later sources is fragmentary and contradictory. Only a comparative analysis of these data sources with the materials of archeology, ethnography, folklore and Kyrgyz language will follow the individual stages of their political and ethnic history.