Kyrgyzstan relations

As the cross-analysis of information, "al-Tabai hayavan" Marvezi and "Tarikh-i Dzhahangushay" Juvaynl, the X-beg. XII century. Kyrgyz of the Altai and Irtysh spread their encampments to the northern slopes of the eastern Tien Shan. But due to the movement of the Khitan to the west and the emergence of the state car-kitays [C. 217] in the Seven Rivers in the first half of the XII century., Kyrgyz Altai were cut off from East Turkestan.
The real historical situation in Central Asia and Southern Siberia in pre-Mongol era, forced Kyrgyz Altai and Irtysh permanently deprived of the possibility of direct access to the market towns of Eastern Turkestan. Heavy material and human losses incurred during the unsuccessful wars with China and the Kara-Naiman, the deterioration of economic and economic life of the violation of trade and economic relations with the settled agricultural areas of Eastern Turkestan contributed to the weakening of the principality Kyr in the Altai and Irtysh, which in the early XIII century., like other possessions Kirghiz of southern Siberia and the Baikal region was conquered by the Mongols.