Kyrgyzstan weakened

As already established, after the submission of Genghis Khan's son, Jochi, all of South Siberia, including the area of ​​Ham, and Kyr-Kemdzhiut become the lot of the heirs of Jochi, and subsequently the land of the Altai and Irtysh Kirghiz became part of the state Mogolistan, which was formed in the mid-XIV century. In the eastern part of the former Chagatai is ulus.
Combining Mogolistan ruled chagataidskih Khans, the transformation of the cities of East Turkestan in the administrative, commercial and political center of the country, contributed to the development of economic, political and cultural ties between the Moghul tribes. In these conditions, as rightly pointed out VP Yudin, on the basis of local Turkic tribes was the formation of a new ethnic community in Mogolistan. However, because of the extreme remoteness of the location of the Kirghiz tribal associations on the central areas of major impact Mogolistan assimilation Moghul tribes against the Kirghiz manifested extremely weakened. Subsequently, the process of consolidation of Mughal tribe was suspended ruinous, continuous campaigns of Timur and the Timurids in Mogolistan, as well as the weakening of the political unity of the state due to the increased centrifugal tendencies of specific feudal lords. The invasion of Timur and his successors in the second half of the XVI-early XV century. on Mogolistan and the consequent worsening of the feudal internecine struggle, accompanied by the [C 218] the extermination of entire tribal associations, led to the departure of many Mughal tribes in Dasht-i Kipchak, Maurya, and even in Mongolia.